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What do you do when you need an honest answer to a question?

The answer is two-fold. First, make an effort to collect as much information as you can on your own. Second, have a standard of comparison so you can validate the information you collected.

We can help you with the first part, and your teacher or your colleagues can usually help you out with the second part. We want you to feel free to contact us with all of your questions. Whether it’s evaluating an instrument, deciding to donate, restore or sell, or just trying to figure out if you have outgrown a particular instrument or bow, the staff at Potter’s consists of professional players, teachers and life-long students who can provide a wealth of experience in helping you clarify your needs and then determine how best to proceed in filling them.

Often, the instrument you already have is the best choice for you, but as your playing evolves, your set-up needs for your instrument can change as well. We always recommend investigating your own community and asking your own teacher first about local services and shops before working with somebody "out of town" - even if it’s us!

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