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Member Discounts

Are you a member of one of the below-listed organizations?   

  • MD/DC ASTA or VASTA (Local Chapters)
  • ASTA National Chapter
  • Federation of Musicians Local #161-710
  • Federation of Musicians Local #40-543

If so, you and your immediate family are entitled to the following:

  • 10% off all sheet music
  • 10% off all teaching accessories
  • 10% off all student instruments and bows
  • 10% off all instrument cases and bow cases
  • 10% off all repair work (labor only, does not include rehairs or parts)

You are entitled to free shipping on all webstore purchases above $100 or strings-only purchases of $40.00 or more.

You may also be entitled to additional discounts on Antique Instruments and Bows. Please contact us for details.

For in-shop purchases, you must show your membership card before completing the sale to receive your discount. A membership number must be provided before the sale during your instrument sale appointment. These discounts cannot be combined with any other offers.

Before you shop online, please email us at with your membership information and we will send your online discount code by return email.

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