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Beginners' FAQ

Below you will find answers for many of the questions we get concerning instruments, music studies, caring for your instruments, as well as inquiries regarding store policies, teaching, renting, contacts in the string world, and opinions, philosophies and odd knowledge on a plethora of things musical.

I want to take lessons. Where can I find a good teacher?

If you or someone you know is interested in violin, viola, cello or bass lessons, we're here to help! Call one of the musicians on our staff so that we can help match you with one of the talented teachers in the community for private lessons.

Click here to visit our lessons page.

Can I rent a shoulder rest?

No. A shoulder rest is considered a personal item that you will expect to use for many years, even if you change instruments. Ask your teacher what kind they prefer before purchasing. Some kinds (Playonair) are non-returnable.

Do I need to have an instrument before I meet my teacher?

In most cases, your teacher will want to help you in the approval of your instrument, even if you're renting. That's why we offer a 3-week, 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee on all our instrument sales and rentals.

Do I really need an appointment to see instruments at Potter's'?

Our appointment policy is designed to keep you from being frustrated when you visit us and is strongly recommended. An appointment assures you the largest number of instruments in your specific category, as well as a showroom in which to play them.

What material do you use to rehair my bow?

We use the same top-quality REAL horsehair for all of our bows, from our beginner bows to our most expensive professional bows.

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