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Fine Instruments: Violas

Click on the link below to view a complete list of the twenty-one different models of violas we offer (fractional and full size) in the $760 to $6,500 price range. Our stock of instruments and bows in this price range is fairly consistent, but please call the store to see if we have the size and model you are seeking in stock.  

Violas from $760-$6,500

The lists you see below contain examples of violas and makers we typically carry in the $5,000 and up price range. Our inventory is constantly changing, so we cannot guarantee availability of any specific instrument. Please call the store and speak to one of our fine instrument specialists if you wish to examine an instrument in this price range. We would love to schedule an appointment for you to examine instrument(s) or we can arrange to ship instrument(s) to you. We also offer a complete line of exceptional viola bows, including antique French makers.

If you are interested in purchasing an instrument valued at $40,000 and above, then please inquire about our exclusive “Concierge” service. Please click here to send an email and one of our consultants will contact you.

Violas up to $20k

16-1/4" Viola by Patrizio Orippi, Cremona, 2014
  16" Viola by Alvaro Corrochano, Milano, 2003, #31, Maker's Cert.
  16-1/4 William Whedbee, 2006
  16-1/4 Monica Fortin, 2010
  15-3/8 Theodore Skreko, 2007
  16-3/4 Pierre Vidoudez, 1957
  16-1/8 Tetsuo Matsuda, 2012, Willow Back

Violas $20-$50k

16-1/2" Egidio Moretti viola, 1946
16-3/8” by Frederic Chaudiere, 1989,  Montpellier, France
16-5/8” Italian viola by Carlo Carletti, Bologna, 1916
17” Helmuth Keller viola, 1995, with Maker's Certificate

Violas above $50k

16" Luigi Diguni, Cremona, 1925, No.4 with Eric Blot Cert.
Viola by Giulio Cesare Gigli c.1770


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