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Instrument Trials

It is easy to try instruments simply by calling us and arranging a shipment. Instruments under $3,000 must be paid for in full when they are shipped. These instruments can be returned within 21 days for a full refund. After this period, our normal trade-in policy would apply. Instruments that cost more than $3,000 can be sent on a one-week trial contract. You will have one week to decide either to purchase the instrument or return it to us.

Multiple trials for instruments under $3,000 generally require that one of the instruments be paid for in advance while awaiting final approval. The second instrument should be returned after the first week. The approval period for the preferred instrument can then be extended for a total of up to three weeks.

It is important for you to remember that you assume full responsibility for the condition of instruments until they are returned to The Potter Violin Company. If instruments are damaged in return shipping, you agree to pay for the costs of repairs, including depreciation in value of the damaged instrument. It is very important that you purchase insurance coverage and use only our recommended shippers (UPS or FEDEX). Please examine any goods shipped by us to be sure you have received them in good condition. Please notify us immediately if you suspect that they have suffered any damage en route to you.

Shipping Charge – Instrument or Bow Trials

We will send instruments and bows out on a trial basis for a period of one week. There is a nominal up-front shipping charge for each trial shipment, as outlined below. If you decide to purchase one of the items that you received on trial, we will apply the up-front shipping charge toward the purchase price. Only one shipping charge can be applied to a purchase. Return shipping and insurance for trial or purchased items is the responsibility of the customer. Please call our shipping department at 1-800-317-9452 or contact us if you have questions.

Shipping Exceptions - Please note that our free shipping policies, where applicable, do not extend beyond the contiguous 48 states. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges to Alaska (AK) and Hawaii (HI).


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