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Customer Testimonials

Are we perfect? Well, I suppose it depends upon whom you ask. Of course, we try to make sure that we live up to the best expectations of our customers. Occasionally, we may fall short. Just like any great symphony orchestra, our company is made up of people and we all can “play a wrong note” once in a while.

Here are some excerpted letters, posts, pictures and comments that should give you some insight into our dedication to making our customers feel like they are “part of the family.”

Margaret L. wrote:

I just picked up my viola, which was at The Potter Violin shop getting some major repair work done. My entire experience has been professional, while at the same time wrapped in a feeling of caring for the instrument and what it all means to me personally.  Joseph is the craftsperson who did the work. He did an amazing job, combining both care and precision. He is an artist. Thank you!


Thank you so much for your help. I think I received the best service in a while. I know how busy you are this time a year, but you made this experience for me so effortless.

Your service was professional, courteous and more importantly, very prompt. 

Millions of thanks [and] Best regards,


Potter's Violins Thank-You Cards

From Google Business

I'm a picky violinist from a family of musicians, and I have children who play the violin. The service at Potter's is tops; the musical expertise unmatched.

If you need to purchase an instrument, you'll be in excellent hands with Alan Petermann. It's so great to work with someone selling instruments who has such a great combination of expertise and unwavering integrity. If you interact with him, you will see right away what I am talking about. I live in Connecticut, but am glad to make the six-hour drive to work with him when we need to make a purchase decision. We drove down recently to buy two quarter-size violins, and the entire experience was incredibly positive, also for the children. We were amazed with the excellent sound quality that could be achieved in our price range at Potter's.

We had investigated Johnson Strings/Carriage House in Boston (much closer to us) and had tried two instruments, and had been given a much higher price range for equivalent sound quality (about $700 more for a comparable instrument). Also, the pretention of Carriage House is not present at Potter's, and Potter's is much better with organization of details, so it was a breath of fresh air to spend a morning there choosing instruments.

Highest recommendation.

Heidi S.

From Yelp

I visited to fix minor damages to my violin before my deployment to Afghanistan. They happily took it and made these minor fixes in a jiffy with no costs. I really appreciated their customer service and friendly gesture. 100/100 would return to this shop.

Jay S.

From Yelp

All my experiences with this company have been absolutely great, but especially with Melanie in the front office for the rentals. She has consistently been kind, professional and respectful and a pleasure to talk to.

Magali B.

Dear David and Dalton,

Julia and I would like to thank you so sincerely for the great care and attention which you lavished on Julia's violin recently; first in mid-November, and then in late December. I rather feared we would have another repair bill for the same problem, since more than 30 days had elapsed. What a surprise to learn that the three hours which David devoted to the subsequent re-evaluation and repair were at no additional charge!

I was greatly impressed when Dalton shared his philosophy [regarding customer service with me]. [It] is increasingly a rare attitude in this era of [retailers'] indifferen[ce] and mediocr[ity].

Sonya H. has been singing the praises of Potter's Violins to us for years, and I was sure to apprise her of our most recent positive experiences with David, Dalton and Jim ([who helped us when we were] selecting a new bow in November).

You gentlemen are the best!

Thank you again for your exceptional service, again and again.

Julia has so enjoyed playing her violin!

Best Wishes, Diana M.

Google Business Review

You're dealing with the best when you walk into Potter's. The men and women that work there are musicians and understand your "crazy" questions and are willing to do all they can to help address a need.

I purchased both my bow and violin from Potter's and couldn't be happier.

Joshua D.

Violin virtuoso Sarah Chang recently dropped by our Bethesda Shop to have her 1717 Guarneri del Gesù adjusted by Joseph Yoo (pictured with Ms. Chang, above).

When you visit us, you can rest assured that your instrument will get the same care and attention from our experienced staff.

I did not buy anything from [Potter's today], but I had a question about a violin case I purchased on eBay [regarding] whether it was defective or not. Alan, [one of] Potter's [violin] sales manager[s], was super helpful. I found him while [doing a] google search and I don't even live anywhere near Maryland.

With [Alan's] great advice and insight, I am [returning my item] for another one in good condition. If my original seller did not have items in good condition, I would have purchased my item directly from Alan.

If I don't get the one in good condition, I will return [to Potter's] in a heartbeat because there is also 15% holiday discount!!!

Thanks, Alan!!!!!

Samuel L.


I just wanted to say thank you so much for your outstanding customer service. Please know how important it is to help a student, no matter the age, to take his/her first steps in this musical journey in life.

I will never forget how The Potter Violin Company got me started.

F.E. Moss

Lina K., Cape May, NJ (Yelp 10/31/14)

Best violin store in the area. The staff are so friendly and helpful and give good advice. We have been coming back for many years to get violin strings replaced and even purchased one of their great quality violins. This store should have more stars because it's great!

Letter From Stephanie H.

Dear Mr. Kelly,

I wanted to personally thank you for helping me find the viola of my dreams!

You were so helpful that day Mr. Wirth and I came into Potter's to try out violas. I really appreciated the way you had all of the violas set out and the way you gave us plenty of time/privacy to noodle around with them.

You were also great with helping me find a bow!

I learned so much from you in such a small amount of time. So thank you again and enjoy the rest of your summer.


Washington Conservatory of Music

Each year, TPVC donates several instruments to the WCM. This year, they sent us this wonderful photo, along with several hand-drawn thank-you notes.

From Louise M., Princeton, NJ

Dear Annelisa (one of our bow repair/rehair experts and good-will ambassadors),

Thank you for coming [to Princeton] to the N.J. Suzuki Workshop.

It was good to meet you and hang out a bit.

Thanks for being there.

Sincerely, Louise

David T., Brevard, NC (Yelp)

I always drop by the Potter's Violins display [booth] when I'm at the Greater Washington Suzuki Institute. Mr. Potter and his staff are knowledgeable and professional.

They did an insurance appraisal for me. They explained the several levels of appraisal available and what I needed for my purpose. They were quick and professional.

I [also] observed them dealing with student string players, and I would want my grand-daughter to be dealt with as [Potter's] did th[ose] customer[s]. 


Scarlett R. (via Womply)

I've been playing the violin for 14 years and all of my violins were purchased from Potter Violin Company. The people are great and the service is wonderful. When I lived in Texas, they even sent me a violin when I wasn't able to go to the store. I have had wonderful experiences here and I highly recommend purchasing an instrument from [Potter's].

Alyse L., Winchester, VA

We have been working with Potter's for three years now. When my son began cello lessons, we rented an instrument from a local shop, but the quality was so poor that we quickly returned it and went to Potter's instead. 

The instrument we rented from Potter's was excellent and their rental program was outstanding. When my son was ready for the next size, we were able to apply a portion of the rental fees to the purchase of a cello. Again, we were impressed with the service Potter's provided for us to choose an instrument and the quality options. 

When we needed a repair made to the instrument, we took it to Potter's and they made the necessary repair in a short amount of time (only 4 days, and over a weekend!) and for a very reasonable price. The people are knowledgeable and helpful. We have had nothing but positive experiences with The Potter Violin Company and I highly recommend them.

From Chiara K.D. through our Facebook page

I had an amazing experience here this week purchasing some much-needed equipment. Jim Kelly's stellar customer service made me feel like a VIP, and George Ohlson's warm welcome and help were so appreciated.

I will recommend Potter's wholeheartedly to all of my friends and colleagues, and you now have a lifelong customer in me!

Thank you!!!!

Joseph L., San Francisco (via Yelp)

I've had a few encounters with Potter's over the years. I traded up as I grew up into bigger violins and eventually I purchased a full size violin from them. I remember very clearly that the sales person laid out a multitude of potential violins, ranging in price and quality, and then let me try each one. I was pretty young at the time, but I still remember how helpful the staff was at helping me pick a violin.

I have been unspeakably happy with the violin that I bought from them, and they have always been kind and courteous when I come in for additional services. I will say that they can be a bit on the pricey side, but all in all I think it is worth the money.

Dear Benefactors,


I am writing to express to you my heartfelt gratitude for the violin you graciously sent to our small Catholic School of Music in Jeremie, through Judy Keating* from the Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

On behalf of all the young students of this Catholic School of Music, I thank you a lot for your precious gift. They were so delighted to see a violin for the first time in their life. So, once again, thank you, thank you so much for your marvelous gift. Only GOD can reward you with all kinds of blessings.

With my deep respect, thanks, greetings and blessings.

Joseph Gontrand DECOSTE, SJ
Bishop of the Diocese of Jeremie/HAITI

*Dear Mr. Kelly,

I am enclosing a letter from Bishop Decoste, S.J., for whom I obtained a violin from your company. I just wanted to add my sincere thanks for your generosity. Your gift will enhance the lives of the music students in Jeremie, Haiti.

Hopefully, Bishop Decoste will be able to achieve his dream of "growing an orchestra from the ground up." With your help, he is off to a great start!

Thank you again.


Judy Keating, Social Justice Volunteer

Dear Potter's Violins and ASTA,

I feel so grateful to have been awarded this amazing viola. I really enjoy the feeling of playing such an incredible instrument, the sound is so deep and warm.

I am looking forward to playing my viola for many more years to come, and seeing where my musical future takes me.

Thanks again for this wonderful instrument, I appreciate it very much.


Dear Potter Violin Company,

I'd like to thank you for [awarding me] such an extravagant cello. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness.

The cello has a nice sound and a good feel to it.

I hope to someday come back to your store again.

Sincerely, Dylon P.

(An eighth grader at Eastern York Middle School, Dylon was recommended for this honor by his school orchestra director, ASTA member Rebecca Duane.)

For more information on the awards program, click here.

Dear Mr. Basch,

I can't even put into words how much I want to thank you for finding me my beautiful violin.

I will play and love my violin for many, many years to come. My violin is already helping my playing in so many ways. It tells me when I am in tune and gives me all the deep rich power and heart... All the joyfulness and cheerfulness that I need to play all types of repertoire.

My mom and I hope you have a relaxing and, of course, well-earned retirement. We hope your move to Seattle is filled with many sunny days, more smiling faces and the aroma of coffee. Hopefully, we will still keep in touch.

Thanks again for putting in the time and effort to find me my dream violin.

With love and blessings, Elise

Brenda A., Riverdale Park, MD

I have done business with Potter's for many years. I've always been treated with courtesy and respect, have found their repairs and maintenance work to be of the highest professional caliber, and have been pleased with the instruments that my students and I have purchased there.

Lysiane G., New Market, MD

I am a professional violinist in the DC area. Over the years, I have purchased a wonderful gold mounted fleur de lys/tortoise shell Hill bow, my main instrument, and also a summer/outdoor violin from Potter's.  David was always extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and available to help me. The staff is extremely friendly and welcoming, which cannot be said about many shops on the East coast... The prices are also very honest.

Phyllis F., Mt. Airy, MD

My experience with the Potter Violin Co. has always been fantastic. I have been doing business with them for 20 years, as a teacher and a parent and professional musician, and have found them to be honest and very caring about their clients.

The rental program is a great way for young students to start on a fine instrument and allows them to build credit towards a purchase. I have always found the quality of the instruments to be very high for very reasonably priced student instruments. Recently, they worked on tonal adjustments to my 1910 Carletti viola and made a significant difference in the responsiveness and tone quality. They knew exactly which strings would bring out the best characteristics of the instrument.

I also know from personal experience that they have been hugely supportive financially of the string associations like SAA and ASTA at both the local and national levels.

Teresa S., New Market, MD

I have been coming to The Potter Violin Company for over ten years now for my violin playing son and my other son who plays cello. We have rented and purchased instruments and accessories from them and at every point along the way, we have received no less than the best customer service possible.

My violin playing son has special issues with his neck and Dalton spent a good deal of time working with my son to find the best chin and shoulder rest combination possible that would work for my son's physical challenges with his neck. He developed a great rapport with my son and I couldn't be more grateful.

For my cello player, when selecting an instrument to rent, and later on to purchase, Louis couldn't have been more helpful. He even helped us tame a stubborn wolf tone and gave me a little primer on his [own cello] to help my son with tuning. Again, like Dalton with my oldest son, Louis developed a great rapport with my son and made renting and purchasing a cello a very pleasant experience.

I should note that our times with Dalton and with Louis were always on a Saturday when the shop is incredibly busy but never once did I feel we were rushed or given less attention because of the hectic and busy day. Even when waiting to be seen during our many times at the shop over the years, staff always acknowledged us with a greeting and a query as to how we could be helped. We couldn't ask for more from any company. In Potter's we have always received the greatest instruments and customer service.

Lastly, as firm believers in the importance of instrumental music in children's lives, we have always appreciated The Potter Violin Company's philanthropy and support of music education.

Bassist P., Herndon, VA

I was looking for a place to have a[n old] violin appraised; I had no clue as to its worth or pedigree. I called and made an appointment with Dalton, who was very nice on the phone.

I arrived for my appraisal on a Saturday morning, and I was quickly greeted by the staff. Dalton performed an inspection of the violin, he told me what the violin was (and more importantly, what it wasn't) and he answered all my questions.

[The violin] was missing some strings when I brought it in, and without my asking, [Dalton] brought the violin back out to me completely re-strung. The verbal appraisal was free, and he didn't charge me for the strings.

I truly appreciate the exceptional service I received at [Potter's] today.

Anne R., Richmond, VA

Dear Louis,

I cannot thank you enough for helping me choose just the right cello outfit to meet my needs. [We] cannot stop talking about the wonderful experience you so expertly provided us.

My teacher was extremely pleased. She's even a bit envious of my Pernambuco bow! Yesterday's lesson was so smooth now that I have a high quality cello and bow. No more fighting with a clunky student model!

Again, many thanks. I look forward to visiting Potter's again and I'll call ahead to make sure you'll be there!

Sincerely, Anne

Karen H., San Diego, CA

I bought my viola from Potter's violins 10 years ago, and it continues to serve me well and sound great, through undergrad at NEC and grad school, and now as a professional.

I recently brought it back to Potter's Violins to get it repaired (open seams, etc.) and they did great work, but there was a wolf tone on the D string. I brought it back, and they fixed it free of charge, including shaving my soundpost and adjusting it. Now it sounds better than ever.

I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone who wants a good quality instrument/repair.

Jennifer S.

Dear Potter Violin Co.,

We want to thank you for the ... violin. Your policies, prices, and professionalism have made it easier for us as parents to take on the endeavor of learning to play the violin (with many thanks to our excellent teacher, Mr. Moes).

The people we have talked to at The Potter Violin Company have always sounded pleawsant, professional, helpful and likeable. Because of them and the nice violin, we think highly of [your company].

Sincerely, Jennifer

Allie S.

Dear Mr. Louis Roberts,

Thank you very much for helping me so that I could have the best possible cello-buying experience. I am enjoying playing cello even more with my new instrument. It sounds amazing!

In honor of you, I named her "Lulu," so that I could never forget the first time I got a cello.

Thank you for your patience and care with my family.

Sincerely, Allie

Jon F., Lovettsville, VA

I've been playing violin for 12 years and it was time for an upgrade. I'[d] heard of Potter's Violins for years, but this was my first time being there ... and it was an excellent experience.

I called them the day before to check on a time for trying out a new violin... They asked for some basic info and my price range. I showed up the next day and I was surprised that they had already set aside a selection of violins in my price range in a private room for me to try out. The seller gave me his honest opinions on the violins and he was not pushy at all... He left me alone to give me all the time I needed to try out the violins and make a decision. Overall, it seems like I was in and out of there in a flash with a brand new quality violin.

There's no question that if you're looking for a great new violin, this is the place to go to... I'm very pleased with my purchase and the service was perfect. I only wish it was closer to my home!

Jon F.

Laura P., Bluemont, VA

I purchased my daughter's first owned violin from Potter's in 2010. They had a wide selection, private rooms to try out the instruments, and an excellent, supportive staff that was happy to provide as much assistance as desired or leave us alone to take our time as we wished. There was absolutely no pressure to try instruments that were beyond our stated price range. And, even though we were budget shoppers, we were treated with the highest respect.

Recently we took the violin in for regular examination and maintenance. It was easy to make an appointment that suited our schedule, as we come from a quite a distance. We were given an estimate on how long the service would take, so we could plan accordingly to wait for the instrument rather than leave it for pickup at another time. Even though we ended up bringing two extra bows without prior arrangement (belonging to our instructor, who sent them along "just in case" they had time to rehair them as well), they managed to squeeze in the extra service requested and still got us out the door on time.

During our wait, my daughter was able to interact with the staff about tweaking her shoulder rest and chin rest arrangements to better suit her current level of proficiency. Now, I love my daughter, but she [is] neither decisive nor easy to please. She was accorded the utmost respect and patience, and in the end came away with changes to her violin that made her very happy, and they were very economical solutions as well.

Even our wait time was pleasant, as we visited with staff and other friendly customers, even receiving advice from a customer of similar stature to my daughter on the particular fit issues experienced by petite women violin players.

Laura P.

E.J., College Park, MD

I am a local professional musician and I choose [The] Potter Violin [Company] whenever I can. They have a good selection of products for all levels of player, price and quality. The staff consists of accomplished musicians, who are knowledgeable, skilled, and always professional.

My family has ... been assisted by this shop to buy instruments, sell instruments on consignment, and to help me search and find fine instruments around the country. I have also had good experience with their repair shop.

Additionally, they are a great resource for my students, who often need to rent equipment and later purchase good stuff for a good price.

They offer a wide selection of sheet music, teaching materials, strings, et al.

Don't hesitate to vist the shop or call with a request or question. I recommend.


Dear Potter's Violins and ASTA,

I would like to give thanks for the beautiful violin you awarded me last year. I feel terrible that I didn't do this sooner. I guess with all of the excitement of finally having my own instrument, it slipped my mind.

This violin has really changed my life. I love it and it made me realize that music is a gift and it should be passed on. That is why I plan on becoming a music teacher.

Thank you once again to everyone who made this possible.

Sincerely, Leslie A. Perez, Houston, TX

Ricky S., Brooklyn, NY

This is a great store! I asked to try out a Coda Bow and they send it to you for free on the next day, and I live in NYC! After a week, I bought the bow and they were able to split the bill too! They are so flexible. I would definitely shop from The Potter Violin Company again.

Rebecca R. Loprinzi, Rita's Place

[Dear Potter's Violins]

Thank you [for the] violins for the children at Rita's Place. We now [have] seven music students [who] practice one to three hours daily.

Rebecca has performed thirteen times this summer, for audiences of from fifty to two thousand [people]. She performed at The Resort of the Mt. Mollala Golf Course, Music in the Park West Linn, and downtown Portland [at the] Fundraiser for our Vets, etc. People love hearing the children [play].

Thank you for providing the means for children [who] would never [have been] able to play [without your instruments] to play and [to] heal through music.

We love you.

In love and light, Rebecca

Robin Massie and David TruscottDear Jim and David,

Words alone cannot express my gratitude for the beautiful work done on "Babaloo" this summer!

Because of you, I have my voice again! I am forever indebted!!!




Robin F. Massie
Musicians of Mercy
Founder & Executive Director

Dear Potter's Violins and ASTA,

I'd like to thank you all very much for the violin that you've awarded me. It is such an honor to hold such an amazing reward.

I honestly feel like the happiest kid in the world and every time I play my new instrument, I love it even more!

It is by far the best instrument I've ever owned, so I thank you once again.


Alonso Tirado

Here's a photo from our young friends at the Washington Conservatory of Music.

The Washington Conservatory of Music

Thank you for the cellos! We had fun at cello camp.
PS: Does the Potter [in Potter's] stand for Harry Potter???

Lauren, Jackson, & Ricardo

Dear Potter's Violins,

We have been extremely pleased with your company and its service. Thank you for sharing your wonderful violins and providing fabulous customer service!

Claire C., Boca Raton, FL

Dear Potter's Violins,

I run a school for strings I have been sending my students to the Potter Violin company for over 20 years. I could not be a successful teacher without their help. The student instruments are very reasonably priced and are very high quality and the rental program is very generous in allowing parents to accumulate credit towards a purchase. I know that my students who decide to follow a professional track will find a great instrument and bow too.

I find the staff extremely friendly and helpful. I do tell parents to schedule appts. and call in advance to pick up or select instruments because the shop can get very busy, especially on Saturdays.

Finally, Potter's is a huge supporter of the strings community, both locally and nationally. They donate instruments to ASTA to give away to needy students and financially support the local and national chapters of SAA and ASTA and more. They have made a huge impact on the quality of music education through the fine instruments they sell, the restoration and repair services and finally through their charitable contributions. Thank you, Potter Violin Company, on so many levels!

Phyllis F. [Filtered Yelp review]

To The Potter Violin Company

I am writing to thank you for the 2012 Potter Violin Company Scholarship. I am very grateful to have been chosen by the SAA to receive this [award].

Thanks to your generosity, I will be attending the American Suzuki Institute in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, this summer.

I am looking forward to attending the Institute, and am extremely grateful for your contribution towards this achievement.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Huffman

Dear Staff of Potter's Violins,

I was in your shop ... because my violin was out of tune and the G string was "wiggly" (My first experience with how temperature affects this magnificent instrument). Panic [started to] set in [but] I knew you ... would know exactly what to do.

Thank you for taking the time to tune it and adjust it so [it] sounds as it should. You also took the "tinny" sound away!


I'm a violin parent of two adult children and have been using The Potter Violin Shop since the late 1980's. My children's teachers have always trusted that the folks at the shop were extremely knowledgeable and experienced and left our family in good hands with them over the years.

I'm now a violin teacher and continue to benefit from the first rate service that the Potter shop is known for. I have noticed that each year they take the best care of my students' instrumental needs, and the families are always pleased and happy with the service and instruments.

Just recently, they went over and above the call of duty and very generously rectified a situation for two parents who were in need. Dalton Potter and his staff really do put their money where their mouth is, and they do it with a genuine smile and love for music and string education.

My students and families in our community love doing business with the folks at Potters so check it out if you're new in town or if you have a string newbee!

Moyna [Filtered Yelp review]

Dear Dalton, Jim, and the entire staff of the Potter Violin Company,

This is a long overdue note of thanks for eleven years of exemplary service to my Suzuki program, Washington Suzuki Strings. I have truly enjoyed having the Potter Violin Company be the exclusive supplier of instruments and supplies to my students.

The entire staff of the company has always shown wonderful enthusiasm and professionalism to my students and their families, and I will always be very grateful to the care and time that you have provided over the past eleven years.

The quality of the instruments that you make and carry is always first rate; and I know that whenever a student of mine purchases or rents an instrument from you, that they will come away with the best possible instrument for their playing and skill level.

The staff has a level of expertise in string playing and “instrument pairing” that is unmatched in the industry, and you should all be very proud of the service that you provide to the string playing and teaching communities. I myself have very valuable instruments, and I trust only your company to provide the necessary instrument repair and adjustments.

Thank you again for being such a wonderful partner to my teaching community, and I look forward to many more years of great music making with the Potter Violin Company!

With warmest regards and gratitude,

Marissa Murphy Director, Washington Suzuki Strings

Dear [Sir],

My name is Jorge Parada and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for ... the full-size violin. I will no longer have trouble playing a small violin, thanks to you ... I will now experience playing with a full-size violin.

I really appreciate the [violin] and I would ... like to thank Mr. Dalton [Potter] for helping me find one. This means a lot; I will continue to experience the harmony of the violin.

I really appreciate your generosity and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Here's the Letter from Jorge's Teacher...

On behalf of Jorge, I would like to thank you for your generosity. The violin you donated has made a huge difference in his self-confidence and his playing. As his teacher, I am personally very appreciative. Jorge is not the only beneficiary. The improvement of one student is a positive for the entire orchestra.

Thanks for making a difference!


Alan D. Freeman, Director of Instrumental Music
Henry E. Lackey High School, Indian Head, MD

Incredible store, incredible service. This is the kind of local/neighborhood business one hopes will do really well. Everyone there is dedicated and looks out for you. They will go out of their way for their customers.

I am a loyal customer and have been ever since I rented a standup-bass from Mr. Potter. I can't say enough positive things about the Potter Violin Company.

Bart [Yelp review]

Dear Louis,

Thank you so much for all of your help and patience with us in our recent cello purchase. As always, you go above and beyond in making sure we find just the right instrument for Bella. We've come to trust you implicitly with all things cello.

Thank you also for making the orange case happen. Bella loves it!

Best Regards, Susana

Dear Mr. Potter:

I'm writing to thank you for your help building our string program at the Washington Waldorf School. The Double Bass we recently purchased is a great addition to our lower, middle and high school orchestras. The purchase would not have been possible without your school instrumental program.

I'm more than happy to continue sending our parents to you, knowing your fine staff will continue to take such good care oof them and their particular needs. It's nice to know that children will begin or continue their studies with good quality instruments that are properly adjusted and appropriately sized.

You make my job and that of my colleagues so much easier. Thanks for your service over the last number of years and thanks, too, for staffing your company with knowledgeable and service-oriented employees. I've never had a complaint from a parent or student. I've heard nothing but praise and pass that along to you now.

Our thanks and best wishes for your continued success in this new year.

Sincerely, Mitch Fanning, Instrumental Music Program

I recently purchased a viola from [your] store. I found the staff to be very helpful and very conscientious in their efforts to help me.

After coming to the store for several appointments, I finally found the viola I'd been waiting for.

Thanks for everything.

Mark B. [Yelp review]

Mr. Potter...

I wanted to thank you so very much for your help in getting our Strings Instructor Jesse Collett new bows. The School of the Arts in Benton County will use these daily and enjoy the wonderful sound they help create.

If you are ever in NW Arkansas, please know that you are always welcome in our school.

Thanks again for all you have helped us accomplish!

Tamerine L. Hatt, Benton County School of The Arts

Dear Louis,

I wanted to thank you for your assistance in the choosing of my cello. Your expertise was invaluable to us; we were practically lost before we walked into Potter's. I believe that, with your help, I have chosen a cello suitable for my skill level, as well as my playing style. We hope to visit Potter's again soon.

All the Best, Kieran T. Conaway

Dear Mr. Kelly,

Thank you so much for helping me with my Viola on consignment. I appreciate your professional treatment toward this process. I have always had such a great experience with your Violin shop. I look forward to our ongoing relationship and will continue to advocate your shop for my students. Happy New Year!

Best, Elizabeth Swift

Hi Jim,

I don't have Dalton's address, but I wanted to thank both of you for hearing and adjusting Stephen's violin last week -- at closing time, no less. I had in mind Stephen playing the violin in the lobby for a few seconds, just to make sure doing the strings and adjustment was the way to go, not such royal treatment. But that's the way you guys do things, and that's why I always rave about your shop to any new violin and cello parents. You make it a pleasure to walk in the door, and a little less painful to part with a few more green pieces of paper... Thanks for your kindness.

Donna Tavani

Dear Sirs at Potter's Violins,

Thank you so much for your excellent job on the repair of our son's violin. It has been in the family for a long time and means a lot to all of us. I thought it was hopeless but it looks so nice and sounds just as it had. You have saved the day once more. Your company is of highest caliber as far as our family is concerned.

Sincerely, John and Regina Scott

Teacher comment:

Thank you for the excellent service that you provided for me and for my students last weekend. We are so lucky to have a place like Potter’s where we can come. The instruments that my students have purchased from your shop over the years have really added to the quality of my studio. It means a lot to me to know that I can send students to you and know that they will get a good violin at a reasonable price.

Thank you very much, Lois Durran

Dear Dalton, I just wanted to thank you for everything. You always treat me like royalty when I walk in the shop-always taking care of me right away. I truly appreciate everything you’ve done for me and am looking forward to many more years of collaborating (maybe even with a greater fiddle in my hands?) Have a fabulous summer-all my best!

Yours, Nurit Bar-Josef Concertmaster, National Symphony

[I] just wanted to say thanks for your informed guidance in helping us select a violin for [my student] last week. A perfect choice for a talented 12 year old violinist. The tone is so elegant!”

Pat Braunlich

Dear Mr. Potter,

We are so happy with the cello you shipped out so quickly. My daughter says it is perfect - sound, adjustment and looks. We tried two cellos locally - and the one you sent is so much superior in every way for the same price. The quality of the case and bow along with the fine quality of the Wilhelm Klier cello is outstanding. My daughter's teacher, Alice Williams, was very impressed with the full tone. I am a Suzuki Piano Teacher and realize the importance of having a fine instrument..... Thanks so much!

Robin Blankenship

Dear Mr. Potter:

We really appreciate your violin shop! Your staff is competent and cordial and your easy-going way makes looking for violins a pleasure. Your wide selection of instruments helped us determine what we were looking for. Thanks for your kindness! May you continue to prosper.

Sincerely, Dolores Y. Klemm

Mr. Potter,

My initial experience at your shop deserves a word of thanks. The exemplary service, courtesy and patience shown me by Jerry and yourself were equally matched by the information and clearly explained answers to my questions by you and each of your assistants.

Of lasting importance, also, are the work performed on my violin, the care given to it and your informative, educational and well written book, Kitchen Table Violin Repairs. Your book exhibits an astute understanding of the needs of aspiring string instrument players. Until my half-yearly check up,

Sincerely, Charles Sures

Dear Mr. Potter,

Sometimes, an answer can be (literally) right under your nose. Since my son announced he wanted to study the cello two and a half years ago (at age six), we have combed the western hemisphere, looking for a truly musical instrument for him to play. We have met with luthiers and dealers in Europe. We have called countless people here in the United States. Now that Max has grown and requires a larger instrument, we have driven hundreds of miles (literally!) to visit a dozen shops. He has almost had to vacate his room to make space for the cellos on approval. I have always believed "due diligence" is the price of discovery.

Strangely, we made one call early on in our investigation and had one of your Klier 1/2 size cellos sent in. It arrived beautifully packed, and "out of the box" had a sound superior to others. Now, three weeks and through 15 other old and contemporary cellos, yours is still the favorite - not only ours, but our teacher's, too. Along the way, we spoke with other teachers who have had similar experiences and referred us to you.

[Your staff has] been responsive and professional, and we're delighted to join your list of satisfied clients. Thank you.

Very truly yours, Mark S. Gatof

Dear Potter's,

I would like to take this time to personally thank you for the years of excellent service and high quality affordable instruments you have made available to my students. Without quality violins, even the best teachers and students can not produce beautiful sound with easy facility.

I know that when I send a student to you, he or she will be taken care of with respect, care, and love. My students return from your shop feeling as if they are important people and that their teacher is also a fine teacher. For that I am extremely thankful.

Through the years, I have made specific requests of various kinds. You have always honored these requests, regardless of the size or age of the student I have sent to you.

In conclusion, thank you again! I hope you please take credit for the important gift of your high level of professionalism. You advance the musical education and personal development of so many children and teachers, not only in the Greater Washington Area, but also throughout the United States and beyond.

Very Gratefully, Martha Shackford, Suzuki teacher, McLean, Virginia

Dear Dalton,

I'd like to thank you for the expert service you and your staff provided me and my three students (Diana, Miranda and Maria) last week. The students are thrilled with the new Doetsch instruments they purchased as well as with the bows and, of course, the most important part of all, the Bobleock Cases!

Miranda came to her lesson yesterday with the new case you sent to her, proudly displaying the beautiful blue interior. Thanks for the speedy work in sending her case, having been out of stock on purchase day.

Currently, of my 15 students, 8 have violins or violas from your shop. I have overseen 4 other purchases with former students. When we come to your shop, I know I can rely on professional service as they try out instruments and bows. Your erudite advice relieves the anxiety of the parents as they weight the value of this major investment.

With the purchase of quality student instruments, better progress can be made, making my job easier, and I do see enhanced progress after a student acquires a better quality violin or viola. The students become more in tune with the care of their instrument, and are proud of it. The attention they receive from others who see the beauty of the instrument adds to their inspiration. Making a good sound without a struggle increases their motivation to practice. Although, the thrill does eventually wear off, the shot in the arm that your fine instrument give, will often put a student over the top of a hurdle, ready to face the next challenge.

As for myself, I was glad to receive speedy service of a fresh set of Olive viola strings direct from the wholesaler. I really appreciate your recognition that the Olives in stock were old, and time was taken to assure that I received a better set.....

Your repair of the W. Seifert bow that another repairman declared "unrepairable" was a work of art. I was a little shocked when my daughter announced that she preferred it over the Jean Marteau bow that I purchased as a replacement!

When it comes time for a student of mine to move up to a better instrument, it's reassuring to know that the quality of instruments, service, repair work and advice continues to be maintained at a high standard, especially after the transition from the well-known Weaver family to Potter's. Musicians and teachers all over have been scrutinizing your "new" business and I, for one, will be the first to speak up in favor of Potter's Violins.

Thanks for all of your help.

Sincerely, Helen Fall, Fairfax, VA

Dear Mr. Potter:

We received your 3/4 violin yesterday and I must say that I am extremely impressed by how the whole transaction has gone. The violin is wonderful and I want to thank you for taking my 1/4 violin. Because of your kindness, I am recommending your violin shop to everyone I know. You may be getting a few calls with the same violin situation that I had -- I don't know if that is good or bad! Anyway, you've made my daughter, Dayna, a very happy 10 year old.

Sincerely, Holly J. Anderson

[Dear Potter's]

Thanks so much for the great bows! I teach in Meriden, CT. Most of my students come from low-income families and do not even own their own instruments. These bows are wonderful! My students will be so excited to use such great quality equipment! Many thanks on behalf of all the string students at Washington Middle School in Meriden, CT!

Martha K., Instrumental Director

Just a note to thank you for your prompt action in our dilemma about the violin bow. It is reassuring to know that there are companies like yours that are honorable & honest.

Irwin Rockoff

Thank you, Potter’s, for making long-distance shopping easy and for making me feel confident that we would receive a great instrument. We did! It is beautiful and has a wonderful tone! Thanks to your helpful customer service, also!

Cathy Fernandez, N. Canton, OH

Dear Mr. Basch,

Thank you so much for looking for a wonderful violin and bow for me. The violin has a fantastic sound and the bow can make so many different colors so easily. I would like to learn more about violins and their makers. Thank you again! I am so excited!

Love, Claire

Dear Potters Violin,

Thank you so, so, so much for replacing my old broken bow to a new pretty sounding bow. Today I played the quarter violin and it sounded awesome with the new bow. It sounded rich and loud. I was a bit surprised when I first heard the loud and rich sound! Thanks again!

Sincerely, Serina Chang, New York, NY
PS: It’s almost my 8th birthday!


Sometimes, old things are good and the violin you helped me select is one of those. Thanks for all your advice and assistance. Someday, I look forward to hearing the rest of the Tchaikovsky concerto – you playing, of course!

Regards, Bob S.

Dear Jerry,

This note is long overdue, but I wish to send a “special THANK YOU” for doing such a fine repair of my Hill Violin Bow. A great job! It’s wonderful to be able to use the bow again.

Sincerely, Hilda N.

Dear Potters Violins,

My family and I would like to say thank you for Caleb’s beautiful violin. You made the selection a wonderful experience as well as enjoyable. Simon was a huge help. A special thanks goes to him and his endless knowledge about violins and bows. Thank you again. We look forward to coming back some time very soon.

Sincerely, Bruce B.

Dear George and Potters Violins Staff,

Thank you for your assistance in purchasing a viola! I appreciate the integrity and quality Potters Violins provides (even all the way to Illinois!)

Sincerely, Mahjabeen K.

Dear Louis,

Thanks to you, our experience buying a cello at Potter’s was unforgettable. Simply magic. Maya warmed up to your kindness. Your words gave her the confidence to choose the best instrument for her, and she is delighted with cello and bow. Thank you for this great gift.

Blessings, Mary

Dear Louis,

Thank you so much for helping me pick out the perfect cello! You were so helpful and nice to me and my mom. Your cello music is gorgeous, also. Thanks again for finding me the best cello for me!

Sincerely, Maya

Dear Simon,

[Y]ou helped us choose a violin for a teenage girl. We recently had a photo session with Emily, now almost 17, and her French violin (1938 - Leon Mougenot Gauche, Paris). Thought you might like to see the student who's playing this violin. She's even taking French lessons now!

Dear Louis,

Thank you for all you've done for us. I love my new cello and the Gewa case. We can't thank you enough and look forward to seeing you the next time we stop in to Potter's!

Thanks so much, Mary Schultz

Dear Mr. Potter,

I wanted to thank you for the excellent experience that we had yesterday at your shop. Mr. Simon had done a lot of preparation to help our 5-year-old son, Willie, get a fabulous 1/8 Klier that also delighted his teacher, Martha Shackford. I wanted to particularly mention Simon's professionalism and manner, which turned a shy child into a chatterbox. The whole transaction, including selection and purchase, took under 15 minutes, thanks to the research and checking of instruments Simon had done before our arrival.

I'd also like to mention that, just as Jerry always does, he remained polite with us in spite of delays that caused us twice to reschedule our meeting! His manner was affable and helpful throughout. Although he knows 20 times what we know, he was modest and generous. Please let him know that, like your other staff, he has earned you a repeat customer and was recommended to Martha Shackford the same day as someone whose opinion is valuable. I was especially impressed that he measured Willie in several directions before giving us the green light on the size we bought.

You folks are the best in the galaxy!

Warm regards, Ella Wilcox (and Willie!), Falls Church, VA

Dear Simon,

I'm writing to thank you for the excellent service and instruments you have provided to our family. [Our son] started with a 1/4 size Klier, moved through the 1/2 and 3/4 sizes, and has now settled into a full-size violin. Given that my husband and I know nothing about violins, our anxiety level was high at each stage of this large financial and emotional investment. Your patience and expert advice throughout the process has been greatly appreciated.

Our son's teacher approved the French violin, which my son has continued to love. Again, thank you for the care and expertise you have provided to our family -- and we will continue to rely on Potter's Violins for such.

Sincerely, Barbara Wery, Seattle, WA

Mr. Potter:

Thank you so much for all your help. Your input and Simon's playing expertise helped our daughter come to a successful decision regarding the choice of her new instrument. Rachel is overjoyed with her new violin and has named him Antonio. I am sure they will be inseparable over the next few years. I know we will see you again.

Sincerely, Janet Denlenger

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